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B.Tech Program is a unique trifecta of Technical Excellence, Life Skills (teamwork, critical reasoning, communication, managerial & leadership abilities) and Entrepreneurial Thinking – implemented through live & capstone projects, internships, and a culture of continuous learning.


There are various kinds of diploma available: from graduate to postgraduate and advanced diplomas. Diplomas serve a multitude of purposes for different students: hey are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of Overseas study, or to provide additional professional training and qualifications.


The B.Pharm is one of the popular job oriented course among the science students After Class 12th In this course the students study about the drugs and medicines, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry etc. This course provides a large no. of job opportunities n both the public and private sector.


Diploma in Pharmacy is a 2-year full-time Diploma course divided into 4 semesters. D.Pharmacy has been designed to prepare candidates to work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other related pharmaceutical fields. (ag)

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or B.S. is one of the most popular academic degree courses among the science students After Class 12th The duration of B.Sc. degree course ranges from 3 years to 5 years, depending upon the country in which you are studying for eg. 


Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine is a graduate degree awarded after the successful completion of a five and a half years long program that covers the study of the integrated system of modern medicine and traditional Ayurveda.


Bachelor of Dental Surgery is an undergraduate Dentistry course. The duration of Bachelor of Dental Surgery course is 4-5 years of study with internship and without internship.


Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery  is an undergraduate academic degree course. BHMS course is of 5½ year duration which includes an internship. 


 Bachelor of Hospitality Management is an undergraduate Management course. Hospitality management is the academic study of the hospitality industry.

Master of Technology which is one of the highly popular and credible post graduate program. courses are of 2 years of duration where the students need to pass through their extensive education in particular field of engineering or technology.


The MBA programmes at Overseas take a long-term view of business education and prepare students for long and fulfilling careers. Our multi-disciplinary, application based curriculum, mentored by Imperial College 


Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a 3-year professional undergraduate course in Business Management, the minimum eligibility for which is class 12th from a recognized educational board.


Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA) is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. With the rapid growth of IT industry in India, the demand of computer professional is increasing day by day.


M.C.A. Master of Computer Applications is a postgraduate Information Technology course. Computer Application is a use of the computer to solve a specific problem or to accomplish a job for an end user.


Nursing is defined formally as a profession in the healthcare industry that is focused on caring for individuals, families and communities to attain, maintain or recover optimal health and quality of life. Nurses work hand in hand with physicians,


This article focuses on the topic – paramedical courses after 12th. Paramedical courses are job oriented academic programs. You will find a list of such courses here.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. various subjects of commerce streams like accounting, economics, finance, taxation , management and insurance.


Bachelor of Legislative Law is an undergraduate Law course. Law is a set of categorized rules and regulations under which any society or country is governed.